the loving
the loving
She is clothed in strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future.
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Dear Gabby, 
Pumunta ka na dito para makasama mo na ang kapatid mo&#8230; Si Kuya Justine.

#Lol #Fat #Piglets
So Justine let me play PVZ2 on his phone while he was staring at nothing. After sometime, I couldn&#8217;t finish a level so I asked him to do it and baaaaanggg! all the zombies were killed. Ahhh-mazing. Gamer boyfriend over here. Haha. #GirlfriendDuties
I love my job; and God gives every little reason for me to love it more. #blessed #TeamG #TYL
Macaroni spaghetti. #GemsKitchen #food
So this is me doing some girlfriend duties- and by that, I mean, taking a picture with him minutes before he vents out about how bad his haircut is.
March 17 when I first stepped in to this training room and exactly after 6 months, I am soooo back! I realized I was right when I used my &#8220;yellow hat&#8221;. Good things did fall apart  so that better things can fall together in God&#8217;s perfect timing. Now that I achieved my short-term goals, it&#8217;s time to work on long-term ones. I am so excited with what God will do in my life! #blessed #regular #happy #excusemyblurryself
Ang sarap pala ng nissin sea food ramen noodles. nakakawala ng takot sa ulan at malakas ng hangin :D
with my favorites. #chatime #jatinetime
Yogurt, let&#8221;s be friends forever
perfect way to end the day and start the week. #AllForLove
me: ayan na po daddy. sa labas, 60 pesos yan.
daddy: osige, bigyan kitang 70 pesos mamaya. #awesome #family #daddy
saturday morning
dozing off now. #hillsong #TGIF
Left over doughnut from last night&#8217;s date and free coffee from the company. And it looks really weird but that was how I survived the first half of the shift.